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Travel today is no longer limited to posing in front of Taj Mahal for photo memoirs. It is all about exploring, learning, sharing, indulging, pushing the limits and having a lot of fun. Everybody has their own individual style and flavour of travel.

While luxury is a defining factor for some, pilgrimage or family vacations are the highlights of somebody’s planners. Experimenting with food attracts many; some go to be in the lap of nature while others love to soak up the culture. Add to that some shopping, a taste of local heritage and loads of beautiful memories, and you have what is called The Exotic Travels. We exist because of the huge travel community and this is YOUR platform to enjoy, explore,

share and shop for travel. Adventure, Backpacking, Solo traveling, Romantic getaways, Transit City Walks, Things to do with kids, Hanging out with buddies, at the exotic travels we try to present all of that. Its a 360 degrees travel experience suited for all the travel lovers out there. This is your travel magazine and we like to present your

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